What does craftsmanship mean to you? Quality? Expertise? Or the fact that a handmade creation is unique? When you build something from scratch, you are in charge of every detail. You have to decide, and every decision takes you further. Life is changing all the time, and we all have to decide. Let’s make the right decisions. Together.

  • Client: Hoffmann Natural Eyewear
  • Script | Production : Florian Schmid
  • Camera assistant: Tom Zolyomi
  • Styling: Susanne Rösch
  • Hair & Make-Up: Alexandra Schafer
  • Model: Anabel | Larry | Ben


Where have we come from? Where are we going? Is home where we live, or what we carry in our hearts? Our inspiration comes from what is around us, and we send our dreams out into the world. Our past and our future combine, to create something wonderful and new.


What do you feel when you think about nature? Wehen you think about the shapes, the colors and patterns? Can you sense the radiance of natural horn?Do you feel the charm? Each piece of horn tells a unique story, and Handcrafting artists listen to it, to reveal the beauty and tell the tale. Appreciate this with all of your senses, and frame your vision in natural luxury.